The Convergence of AI Technology and Blockchain

The evolution of technologies like AI and Blockchain have brought better services to society. Companies try to introduce new technologies to the manufacturing process, ranging from efficiency, ease, record keeping, etc. 

Founded in 2008, blockchain technology has had an increased adoption facilitating the DeFi boom. Though most people adopted blockchain technology because it is the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, its utility goes far beyond that.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized public ledger that records transactions on immutable blocks. This transparent public system can be incorporated into business and help solve problems. Artificial intelligence is another technology that helps businesses to scale up. Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence that creates new possibilities in various industries.

Recently, blockchain and artificial intelligence solves world problems, easily opening the borders of possibilities. Therefore, with the transparent record and data of the blockchain, AI can draw accurate conclusions perfectly without human emotions. 

FIO Blockchain Solution

FIO is a solution that uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to help organize businesses. As a blockchain solution, FIO takes businesses to the blockchain seamlessly with their numerous services. Over the years, many businesses have had problems that blockchain automation can solve. Therefore, FIO offers blockchain integration in all aspects of businesses with its robust team. 

From agriculture, education, copyright, to energy, the reach of blockchain is vast. The captivating nature of blockchain technology in business is FIO’s focal point as a blockchain SaaS. Moreover, with the powers of artificial intelligence, machines now harness human intelligence at a different level bringing different skills suitable for growth in a competitive market. 

The Combination of AI and Blockchain

Through the combination of these two technologies, the world has made tremendous progress in many areas. Blockchain and AI can scale up clinical trials and improve healthcare, in addition to predicting natural disasters. There are several use cases where blockchain and AI have transformed businesses. FIO blockchain is at the centre of the deployment of some of these technologies to businesses. 


Technology can improve the vital agricultural industry. Major issues, such as climate change, low productivity, food scarcity, are impacting the agricultural industry. Blockchain technology on its part can be used for proper records of the production process. 

An example is Dechan Foods, which has taken its egg production process to the blockchain through the services of FIO solutions. Previously faced with the issue of human errors in production records and defective eggs, FIO introduced blockchain to tackle this challenge. 

Artificial intelligence comes into agriculture perfectly. Through the data on the blockchain, AI can predict the egg production rate of most hens giving the company better profit projection of profits and spoilt eggs. Lastly, feeding technique analysis can achieve better output.

Task Distribution

FIO blockchain solutions help firms handle documentation and assignment of tasks. This is to smoothen out the workplace to afford multiple assignments. Additionally, artificial Intelligence added to the mix will help to scale up the performance of tasks by aiding assignment to the right users. FIO solutions help for workplace effectiveness by keeping proper workplace records on the blockchain. 


The Covid 19 pandemic shaped the way we handle situations. Consequently, E-health is now being pushed along many health care lines. Blockchain technology will help keep the medical record of patients secure and accessible to doctors. 

Blockchain technology can prevent the leaks from the digitization of medical records. Additionally, artificial Intelligence and machine learning processes will improve e-health lighter cases and make the work of doctors easier. 

Blockchain technology will also make the supply chain of drugs more efficient and cut off bad drugs from the supply chain. Fake drugs, in addition to vaccines, have put lives at risk making the intervention of blockchain and AI very timely. 


Blockchain technology has been tipped to take over educational systems and make them more efficient, especially in underdeveloped countries. FIO solutions utilize blockchain technology to record and track the progress of students. Attendance and grades are also monitored and recorded on the blockchain giving students an immutable record. 

With this, students can also enjoy uniform learning. AI makes e-learning and grading possible. The school or educational ministry of the country can properly ascertain the average educational standard or growth with the combination of both technologies. 

Weather and The Environment

Lack of knowledge about the weather and climate change has led to many effects, including loss of funds by farmers. AI can help predict weather without human emotions and determine whether it is a good investment to plant at a certain time. 

Taking it further, AI can help predict future hurricanes and natural disasters together with their magnitudes making humans better prepared. AI can perform these with proper weather data on the blockchain.