Recording Immutable Learning Journey for Chingshin Academy

Utilizing Blockchain to Help With Verification of Authenticity

With the advancement of technology and the widespread use of the internet, digital learning resources have become more available than before. With blockchain technology entering the field, the education sector can utilize its tamper-proof feature to track all the learning activities. FiO has partnered up with Chingshin Academy to further the use of blockchain in the education industry. 


There’s often no authority to consolidate and verify non-traditional learning experiences, causing students difficulties in proving the authenticity of these records.


FiO’s Learning Curve app was implemented to track and verify the students’ learning experiences. FiO utilized user-friendly tools, such as Google form for the students to fill out their learning activity-related information. After filling out and submitting the form, teachers can then verify the attendance. Once the attendance is verified, all the details become immutable on-chain. Students are now able to access their authenticated records at any time.