Optimizing Traceability for DaChan Foods Limited

Blockchain Helped Improve The Transparency and Immutability In The Agriculture Industry

DaChan Food Limited is one of the largest poultry producers and suppliers in Taiwan and China, with a total of 32 production facilities and 4 chicken meat production facilities. They have successfully built a strong scalable network of production and sales.


Human errors and inconsistent production records have continuously occurred during the production processes. The company SAP was also costly and outdated.


FiO assisted DaChan by utilizing IoT sensors to record the production process and cold chain delivery information on blockchain. Linking FiO’s solution template with their SAP system and for easy traceability and optimization. FiO not only helped DaChan reduce human errors during production, the egg defective rate and the live stocks’ death rate were accurately recorded to help saving $3 million USD per year in production cost for the first year.