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We provide secure and easy-to-use SaaS blockchain automations for your enterprise. Our products are designed with low or no code users in mind. Let us take care of the complex technology and you can focus on providing better products and services to your clients. Curious about how to implement blockchain for your business? Contact us for a product demo.

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Get ready to integrate blockchain into your daily workflow. At Marketplace, you can find a growing list of apps to help accomplish your needs whether it’s documenting personal records, work-related tasks, or tokenizing your digital assets. Come see what we have to offer.

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Learning Curve OG

Learning Curve

Learning Curve is a blockchain app that is suitable to implement in various educational settings. This powerful tool improves different aspects of traditional education, making tracking and record-keeping effortless and accessible.

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NFT Creator OG

NFT Creator

NFT Creator simplifies NFT minting. It helps untangle and manage complicated transparency and proofs ownership authentication issues that long existed amongst intellectual property rights owners. Don’t know what an NFT is? Read our guide. The creation of NFT not only opens up various business opportunities, it also protects digital asset owners from being stipulated into unfair situations.

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Smart IP OG

Smart IP

Document management system is more vital than ever. With the blockchain technology integration, data transparency and security strengthens the proof of ownership and any other information. The immutability advantage of blockchain enhances the legal credentials of any documents.

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