Assuring Fair Opportunities for J Team

Blockchain Technology Provided IP-Rights Owners More Protection

It’s no secret that intellectual properties rights owners have long faced unrightful financial treatment of their creations. Blockchain technology not only provides both transparency and proof of ownership, it also cultivates new business opportunities for these creators.  


Esport celebrity IP-rights are typically one-off packages dealt directly to one or two enterprises. This makes liquidity and transparency of copyrights sales very low.


FiO’s Smart IP app enabled authenticated copyrights sales such as Esport celebrities’ images and logos. This also opened the door for copyright sales in secondary markets. All parties now can get fair profit shares thanks to this new blockchain transparency. With the help of blockchain technology, copyright sales increased in circulation, breaking up previous monopolies. It also raised potential copyright sales on small IPs with a sales increase of over 50% for 1st year.