SmartIP: An Automated Blockchain Document Management System

Document management systems are more vital than ever. SmartIP is a no-code application within the FiO Marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology to guarantee data security, proof of ownership, and authenticity.

Begin Securing Documents For Free

Confidential document management has never been easier.

Files are encrypted to guarantee security

Files exist on a decentralized system for immutability

An intuitive dashboard to manage, track, and retrieve your files

Transparent document history with time-stamped records

Created For Professionals

SmartIP is the perfect tool for researchers, authors, music composers, developers, journalists, lawyers, scientists, professors, accountants, and more.

Effortless Integration

SmartIP was designed to make it as easy as possible for professionals to utilize the security, immutability, and transparency benefits of blockchain. We understand that learning new technologies can be time consuming, so this tool is to allow you to focus your efforts on your profession instead of routines and workflows.

Simply choose your files, and SmartIP automates the rest.

Secure your confidential documents with SmartIP today.

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Securely Upload Your Confidential Files