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Why Shouldn’t We Buy Cryptos Ourselves?

Ethereum Icon - gas fee

~$30+ Gas fee

Fluctuates with traffic on chain

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0.1 – 1% Trading fees

Vary with exchanges

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$0 – 20 Withdrawal fees

Vary with exchanges

Save money by using FiO NFT creator

Why FiO NFT Creator?

Start a NFT project - FiO NFT Creator

Plan Your NFT Projects Ahead

Save money by planning before minting any NFTs.

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NFT Manager - FiO NFT Creator

One Stop Service For Your NFT Projects

Manage and view your NFTs all in one place.

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Fill a Google Form to mint NFTs - FiO NFT Creator

No Tech Barrier

Create your NFTs simply by filling a Google form.

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How does FiO NFT Creator Works?

Step 1

Start your projects

Step 2

Fill a form

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