Carbonsurance: Ensuring Quality & Value in Carbon Assets

Carbonsurance is dedicated to ensuring your carbon assets meet the QCC standards, established by the international climate organization ACC. This enhances the credibility and value of your assets in the market.

High-Quality Data Assurance

Unalterable data protection:

Our verified data storage technology uses advanced encryption and digital signatures to ensure the data remains fully intact during any transmission or storage, and can be verified by third parties, preventing any tampering or data loss.

Verified data process:

Our data process has been verified and thoroughly reviewed by accredited organizations, ensuring the data collection, processing, and reporting meet international standards and best practices.

These guarantee the authenticity and reliability of the data, allowing it to be widely recognized and trusted in the market.

Use of AI models:

We combine the latest AI technology, utilizing first-hand environmental data from the production site.

Through efficient data analysis and model validation, we ensure the data’s accuracy and consistency.

These AI models can quickly process large amounts of data, identify potential data trends and issues, and anticipate possible risks, helping customers make more informed decisions.

Tracking of Carbon Project Status

Data Quality Analysis:

We use specialized techniques and processes to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of carbon asset data.

This includes a comprehensive review of data collection, processing, and storage to ensure the information is accurate.

Financial Performance Assessment:

We analyze the financial impacts of carbon assets, including evaluating capital investment, returns, and cost-effectiveness, to help clients understand the financial risks and opportunities of their carbon assets.

Operational Performance Analysis:

We examine the impacts of carbon assets on business operations, such as production efficiency, operating costs, and supply chain effects, as well as how to maximize the operational value of carbon assets.

Policy and Environmental Impact Assessment:

We analyze the regulatory policies, environmental factors, and social impacts at the production site locations, as these significantly influence carbon assets.

We evaluate how these factors affect the long-term sustainability and market competitiveness of the carbon assets.

CCA/CBAM Tax Support:

Our reports will assess the level of support each carbon project provides for carbon credit allocation (CCA) in the US and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in the EU in terms of carbon taxation.

This includes analyzing how the projects comply with and support the corresponding regulatory requirements, and evaluating the impacts on the company’s tax benefits and compliance in the carbon market.