FiO is selected for the first HolonIQ EdTech awards in Taiwan

FiO Technology Ltd. attended the first HolonIQ awards in Taiwan, where we won the East Asia EdTech 150 award in the Credentials & Blockchain category. It is an honor to be selected among the 44 smart learning industry partners of Taiwan EdTech in 2021.

Since the establishment of the company, developing digital education solutions has been one of our commitments. For example, blockchain technology can authenticate learning records. With the global demand for educational technology growing, we continue to work hard to eliminate the limitations of the epidemic. Furthermore, we are actively developing blockchain applications suitable for use in various educational environments. Moreover, we have improved the issues from traditional educational methods like the inability to permanently store learning materials.

photo of FiO employees and others at HolonIQ EdTech awards in Taiwan

The Taipei Computer Business Association (TCA) has accumulated decades of industry recognition and experience. Having started in 2018, it regularly holds the “Taiwan Educational Technology Exhibition EdTech Taiwan” at the end of the year. And this year Holon IQ specially commissioned IDB (Industrial Development Bureau) and III (Institute of Information Industry) to hold the first Taiwan EdTech 50. The scoring criteria include marketing, product, organization, capital, and market trends in five aspects, and selected the top 50 education technology companies in Taiwan.

Holon IQ is the world’s largest scientific and technological education survey and research institution. Every year, it publishes the most innovative companies in important countries and regions in the world. It is also an important reference for major domestic and foreign media.

In conclusion, FiO provides diversified educational technology solutions. It is not only a blockchain-automated service system, but also a “Turnkey” solution for rapid implementation on the blockchain. FiO easily connects existing systems and other applications on the blockchain at a price below the market. Ultimately, through FiO, educators can retain full ownership of their data.